Confidential Exposures - "The Art of Seduction" B

Award-winning photography by John Pearson LMPA


The Galleries show some examples of the images we produce.  But we will discuss with you just how you want them to appear.  Do you prefer them dark and mysterious or brightly lit, in more of a "glamour" style?  Do you want them pin-sharp or gently diffused?  These are all decisions that we make in consultation with you.

Please enjoy the images, remembering that most are presented in the style selected by the clients.  You will see that the styles range from "Glamour in a Studio" to those shot in a softer home setting.


  Nikita A mix of indoor and outdoor photographs shot at one of our luxury locations
  Sophie A mix of indoor and outdoor photographs displayed in colour and monochrome
  Nikki Nikki's shoot took place in the woods and in a studio setting
  Claire More studio-style images
  Yvonne Yvonne chose a home shoot but with mainly studio-style images
  Olivia These photographs were taken in a mobile home!
  Laura Another home shoot, but producing studio-style images
  Georgie These photographs of Georgie were taken in a typical home session.


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