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Confidential Exposures - "The Art of Seduction"BB

Award-winning photography by John Pearson LMPA



Before your shoot, we like to have a consultation with you to discuss your precise aspirations.  We like to understand the style of photographs you want.  This is a good time to talk about hair, makeup, clothes and lingerie.  If we can meet at your home, it's a great opportunity to go through your wardrobe and select the items you'll wear.  At the same time, we can advise on any special purchases you might be considering.  We will also give you advice on other aspects of preparing for the shoot.

Many of our lady clients feel happiest and most relaxed shooting at home.  We bring portable studio lighting and a selection of "props", so there is rarely any need to head for a studio.  If necessary we have access to other locations including some luxurious hotels.

You are encouraged to bring a friend to your shoot, because we understand your need for a feeling of security.

We will begin with some photographs in which you are fully clothed.  As your confidence grows you will feel happy with something a little more seductive. 

Then, if you're still confident and relaxed ... go "as bare as you dare"!  But if you don't want to go topless or nude, don't worry - you are in charge and you will never be pressured into anything you find uncomfortable.

The duration of your shoot is not limited - we are yours for the day if necessary, to give you time for a range of outfits and scenarios.

A few days after your shoot you will receive previews of your images.  We will then discuss with you your selections for your album and further prints.  We can also discuss the style of presentation that you prefer for each image.

Total confidentiality is assured at all times.  We use plain envelopes for mailing, we can e-mail images to your private mailbox and nothing will appear on the internet without your prior approval.


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