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How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

How exciting, planning your wedding! But you have so many decisions to make and things to choose. To help you, here is some candid advice from the inside to help you to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your special day.

When the wedding is over, the champagne is drunk and the cake is eaten, all you will have left is the photographs, so they'd better be good.......

Price will inevitably be a part of your decision making, but please remember that you get what you pay for. If a photographer quotes silly money for shooting all day and supplying a fat album, you can guarantee that they are not professional, quality will be questionable, there will have been no retouching, you will get a cheap album and you will take a huge risk employing them.

So here are some questions to ask:

* Will the studio owner in person take the photographs? Some employ amateurs to work for them at busy weekends.

* Does the actual photographer have a recognised professional qualfication that demonstrates quality, skill, competence and consistency?

*Will the actual photographer be friendly and polite under pressure? They will be interacting with you and your guests all day and have the power to ruin the whole occasion.

* We all hope nothing will go wrong, but does your photographer have professional indemnity and public liability insurance?

* Who will choose your album photographs, you or the photographer?


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